Built in the eastern region of the stainless steel testing center, we are committed to become the leading testing organization, set testing, research, information, services, training as one of the stainless steel materials and products, professional service platform for public inspection.
1. After Treatment of deep-drawn stainless steel:
    After 430 effective solution to the deep wrinkles appear stretched, surface hardness increased, resulting in difficult puzzles after treatment;
2. The stainless steel pot to improve the thermal efficiency of new materials:
    Recommend a new, energy-efficient nano-coating, it is attached to the rear section can make stainless steel pot to heat efficiency of 30% new material and technology;
3. To develop the most advanced polishing dust removal equipment;
4. The development of high-performance robotic automation production equipment;
5. metal products corrosion protection and process engineering research.
Inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectrometer

Inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectrometer was used for the determination of elements in the sample, applied geology, metallurgy, environment, medicine and health, biology, m...

CS-2800 carbon and sulfur analyzer

Can be a measure of carbon, sulfur content and low levels of high density, and be able to quickly and accurately analyze steel, cast iron, alloys, cement, sand, glass, lime, rubber, catalysts, s...

Labspark 1000 Sparks Direct Reading Spectrometer

Labspark 1000 Sparks direct reading spectrometer can quickly analyze precise carbon steel, low alloy steel and stainless steel C, S, P, N, Si, Ni, Cr, Mn, Cu, Nb, Mo, Ti, V, Al, B ...

Metallurgical analysis

Metallographic image analysis system for metal or matrix organization, impurity content, tissue composition and other materials were accurate, objective analysis, to provide a reliable basis...

Electronic universal testing machine (GNT50)

Primarily used to detect when the most vigorous tensile, tensile strength, the yield, the lower yield, elongation rate.

Computer control Cupping Tester

Mainly to detect metal sheet and strip plastic deformation performance。